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World Sailing International Judges Program
World Sailing Race Officials
World Sailing created the International Judges program in 1981 to meet three perceived needs of competitors: First, the need to identify knowledgeable and experienced individuals to sit on protest committees at world championships and other high profile events; second, the need to ensure that a protest committee at these international events reflects the diverse nationalities and sailing cultures of the competitors; and third, the need to determine the results at the end of the regatta.

Since then, World Sailing has expanded from the judge training and certification program to include measurers, umpires, race officers, technical delegates and classifiers. Training and certification of race officials for sailing and administrating the Racing Rules of Sailing are recognized as the core purpose of World Sailing.

World Sailing Race Officials Administration is governed by Section 3 of the World Sailing Regulations (Regulations 31 - 34). Race Officials programs are administered under the authority of the Race Officials Committee. The International Judges program is administered through its Sub-committee, the International Judges Sub-committee. Its responsibilities are stated in World Sailing Regulation They are available, along with current updates at the World Sailing Regulations
Applications for Appointment and Re-appointment
World Sailing Race Officials Administration is governed by Section 3 of the World Sailing Regulations. The requirements for appointment as an international judge, along with the application procedure are presented in World Sailing Regulation 31 and in the publication, World Sailing Race Official Roles, Qualifications and Competences, Application Document for World Sailing International Race Officials.

Resource papers for becoming an International Judge are available here.

The specific requirements for a candidate applying to become an International Judge are in the resource. In general:
  • have attended a World Sailing International Judges Seminar in the last four years;
  • have passed the written examination in the last four years;
  • have served as a member of a protest committee for the number of principal event fleet racing specified. At the specified number of these events, the candidate shall have been a member of an international jury and one event must have been outside his Group or his MNA in the case of Group I - Q. 
  • have the specified number of completed positive IJSC reference forms from the jury chairman who shall be an International Judge. The reference form is available on-line
  • Submit an application form by the deadline date stated in the Regulation

All candidates must ensure they have read the most recent versions of the relevant Regulation 31 and the World Sailing Race Official Roles, Qualifications and Competences, Application Document for World Sailing International Race Officials in full, in order to understand the complete qualifications required to become an International Judge.

In preparation for the International Judges test, candidates are encouraged to review the list of English words that are used in the test.

To evaluate whether the events where one has served are considered to be Principal Events, consult the Appendix describing Principal Events.

The first application package for International Judges is available on-line here.

World Sailing contacts International Judges during the year in which they are due to renew their certification, sending them the application package for renewal.
Reference Forms
First time applicants require to comply with Regulation 31. The reference forms are found on the World Sailing website.

The completion and submission of the reference forms is the responsibility of the Jury Chairman from the event at which the reference is given. Prior to the regatta, advise the Jury Chairman that you are seeking a reference. Provide your name, address and World Sailing Sailor ID.

Guidance for the Candidate and Jury Chairman
At the conclusion of the Regatta the Jury Chairman will complete the form at the event and must discuss the assessment with the applicant. The form must be submitted to World Sailing at no later than 4 weeks after the event finished.

The Jury Chairman should be aware of the statement under Guidance for the Jury Chairman. It describes where a Reference Form should not be completed and prior notification must be made to World Sailing to determine whether another source of reference could be arranged at the event. Only forms completed by International Judges, who are the Jury Chairman of that Regatta, shall be valid for consideration. The reference form may not be completed retrospectively as this undermines the teaching nature of the reference form process.

You are entitled to a copy of the form, which you may request directly from the Jury Chairman or the World Sailing office, once it is received.
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