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  • I'm now taking off MY judge hat and talking as a sailor.  In many cases, it doesn't pay to "shut the door" on the barging boat.  On the boat I sail on, our goal is to win the race, not to make sure the barging boat pays for her error.  if Red is on time for the start and luffing up to force Green the wrong side of the committee boat will cost her even one second, she should almost never do so.  That one second can make all the difference in controlling the boats to leeward and in keeping a lane of clear air off the start.  Although it seems as if Red wouldn't want Green on her hip at the start, the fact is, if the boats are anything like the same speed, Green will be toast within a couple of boatlengths.  So, if you're Red, think twice before ruining your start to squeeze Green out.  The mistake Red made in David's "Lets them in" scenario (#2) wasn't that she let Green in; it's that she's apparently in the second row at the start!

    Of course, if Red is early as she approaches the line, or if letting Green in would mean fouling a third boat to leeward, or if Green is a bigger, faster boat, then it might be worth Red's while to luff up before she gets to the committee boat and maybe slow a little, then reach down and get a clean, fast start.  Merely wanting to go right early in the first leg is generally not sufficient reason to screw around with Green -- if Red lets her in, Green will either fall behind or tack away right after the start, and Red can tack when she wants to.
    Fri 23:53
  • Thanks, Gordon, very clear. And feeling better.
    Fri 13:51
  • If anyone comes across a Mac compatible or web based Swiss league programme, please let me know :) 
    Wed 11:05
  • Thanks Pat.

    I don't think it would be a good idea to introduce words like 'seamanship' or 'seamanlike' into an interpretation about keeping clear.  Those words belong to 'room' and, I think would further add to the common confustion between keeping clear and giving room.

    I think that 'seamanlike' or 'prudent seamanship' inevitably connotes, firstly assesment of risk of collision in the COLREGS sense, and further assessment of whether that risk is imminent:  that, in my mind equates to reasonable apprehension.  IOW, the 'reasonable' in 'reasonable apprehension' should be construed as 'reasonable in the eyes of experienced but not expert seamen'.
    20-May-22 10:30
  • Mike, Below are some changes that you might consider to the NoR and SIs to encourage social distancing at notice boards, protest desk, etc. The numbering is based upon the guides in Appendix K and Appendix L. US Sailing is drafting language related to liability and waivers, which is being reviewed legal counsel.

    Notice of Race

    9.1. The sailing instructions will be available after _____ on ______________ on the regatta website.
    9.2. Questions regarding the notice of race or sailing instructions, may be submitted in writing to the XYZ YC Race Office via email Responses from the race committee or jury will be posted to the official notice board and online.

    Sailing Instructions

    Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located at []. A complementary notice board may be maintained at the [location of paper notice board], but should there be a conflict, the Official Notice Board shall control. [You can of course reverse this. Make the paper board the official and the electronic complimentary].

    Signals made ashore will be displayed at the flagpole at xyz yacht club and sent by text and email to all competitors.

    11 THE START
    11.1 Races will be started by using US Sailing Rx to RRS Appendix U – Audible-Signal Racing System. This changes RRS 26. [Individual and general recalls will be hailed over VHF channel XX.]

    16.1 Protests and requests for redress or reopening, may be filed either electronically at [], by email to [] using an electronic form such as [], or by submitting a paper form available at the Protest Desk.  All such requests shall be delivered within the appropriate time limit.
    16.3 Notices will be posted no later than 30 minutes after the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held in the virtual protest room,
    16.4 Notices of protests by the race committee, technical committee or protest committee will be posted to inform boats under RRS 61.1(b). 
    20-May-19 17:14
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