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  • Ang, this goes to my earlier question. I don't see TLE defined in Appendix A, but would assume that it's reserved for boats that finish (according to the definition) after the time limit. A boat that continues to "sail the course" would not be eligible unless they later returned and finished. A boat that never finished, time limit or no, would be DNF and scored accordingly. 
    Today 22:46
  • Thanks Greg.  The idea of this project was to get away from PDF's and Word docs and see what Google Forms could provide. - Ang
    Today 17:01
  • I agree, the definition and rules cover this situation and competitors are not at liberty to negotiate a different definition on the course. So in this instance I think Leeward did turns she did not have to do (but is not entitled to redress) and Windward got away with an 11\16.1\14 violation that was not protested. 
    Yesterday 02:20
  • Thorsten, a drawing agreed to by both parties ranks as fact. 
    We are obliged to draw conclusions from it and use it to judge the validity of statements made.
    Sat 14:59
  • Gordon Davies
    said at Created: 19-Jul-04 16:06
    For more general use the International Radio Sailing Association has published guidelines for Radio Sailing NOR and SI:

    These are intended for international events with an international jury and umpiring. However they can be modified for use at other events.

    As Racing Rules Committee Chair of IRSA I would be grateful for any comments regarding Appendix E and other rules governing radio sailing.

    Rule E4.3b looks like a bit of a problem.  It appears to say that if there is a residual advantage, then just one more penalty turn is required, even if there is still an advantage after the second turn.

    Rule E3.8b says all signals shall be made by sounds.  How are I, U, and Black Flag starts to be signalled then?

    There appears to be a well trodden path for format of racing using heats, but this doesn't seem to be adequately described in either Appendix E or the model documents you have produced.

    Might I suggest that a format of racing document, similar to Race Management Manual Part J (Match Racing) should be published.
    Fri 06:26