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  • Here in San Francisco it can be very difficult to set a gate mark properly to account for wind and current to try to equalize which mark is better to round.  After all, the purpose of a gate is to (try to) make it so there is no definite strategic advantage to one or the other and have the boats divide up accordingly.  I have seen more than once where they could not set the gate properly and simply removed one of the gate marks rather than have a really bad gate.
    Wed 16:18
  • Sorry Angelo - I have to agree with Matt. With the exception of 1 area that I have been to or National or World championships, I never state a hard and fast number.  Its as many as practical with a cutoff time on the last day  And I have never had a problem.
    Wed 15:57
  • John re: "How is the committee going to know that evidence is irrelevant or unduly repretitive until they have heard it?"

    Good one! :-)

    23-May-22 21:08
  • Hans,

    I think rule 34 comes pretty close.

    Of course if its not possible .....
    23-May-17 07:22
  • Phillip,

    The SI we are talking about has nothing to do with help.

    It refers only to transissions and communication.
    23-May-16 18:03
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