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  • Actually, Angelo is correct.  Boat 1 is entitled to mark-room but because there is no overlap to windward, is not entitled to room tack if doing so would break RRS 13.  See the last sentence of the definition of Mark-Room.  But the only way Boat 2 prevents Boat 1 from getting around the mark is if Boat 1 is below the mark and Boat 2 such that when she tacks, she is directly in front of Boat 2.
    Yesterday 19:01
  • I also have a little trouble with "shall protest if it decides that a boat or personal equipment does not comply with the class rules or with rule 43." If the TC has already decided, what's the hearing for? If the TC is empowered to decide (based on some sort of due process, presumably) that a rule was broken then TC should be empowered to levy a penalty.

    Seems to me that it should read "shall (or may, either would be fine for me) protest if it believes...etc". That leaves it up to the Protest Committee to have a hearing, find facts and render a decision.
    Yesterday 04:05
  • "C" plus "-" at the leeward mark start of the shortened windward leg.
    "S" (plus Blue?) at the new line, opposite the new mark in the color described in SI for new marks - or a whaler or other object flying "M."
    Thu 22:57
  • 64.1 Penalties and Exoneration does define the default penalty imposed by a PC as disqualification.

    I think sailboat racing tradition has been that competitors accused of breaking a rule are entitled to due process - a hearing (essentially a trial) after the fact with a decision rendered by a jury. Voluntary penalties and on-the-water judging/umpiring are modern attempts to address the shortcomings of this system. 

    Umpiring is great for immediate penalties on the water, but can you imagine trying to round up umpires for every beer can race? Although maybe where we're going is drone umpiring - that would be cool. 
    Tue 17:19
  • No.  It's not multiselect.   When you select one, it adds it next to Heard Jointly With.  You can then select another.  If you click on any that you have selected, you can delete them.
    Mon 23:32