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  • Everyone in US Sailing should have received an email on April 2 titled: “Notification: SafeSport Transitions to New Learning Platform

    If you scroll down in the email, the US Sailing liaison for SafeSport is listed along with contact info.  I will not post that info here (and please DO NOT post it here), but any concerns regarding this agreement’s terms should be directed there. 

    Yesterday 13:24
  • John, it is the race officer's obligation to consult the appropriate navigational charts with at straightedge, eyeball each mark to verify they are on station, and verify set marks' positions.
    If you expect each competitor to do that job, the place to say so is in the NOR, not the SI. The NOR sets the expectations upon which the competitors base their decision to enter and base their preparations, equipment, and service needs.
    Competitors expect you to do your job.  
    If there is a question about a mark, name it and declare its status.
    Wed 22:55
  • Folks you are missing the main point. TLE
    TLE is only useful in scoring a race in a series.
    If the SI stipulates a time limit, the boats that started should be given a score better in that race than those who DNC, DNS, OCS, RET, DSQ, etc.
    Boats that leave the course area (which needs to be defined) without first retiring, are not scored a TLE.
    TLE score relates to the number of boats that do not finish that race and are still in the course area at the time limit.
    Prior to the time limit, a boat is scored when they complete the course and finish.  A boat scored TLE came to and starred the race IAW the SI and should be awarded a score better than those who did not.

    TLE - (number of boats in the race that finished + 1)
    DNC -  ( number of boats in the series + 1)
    DSQ - ( number of boats in series + 2)
    Wed 16:04
  • Good get.
    21-Apr-01 23:12
  • 21-Mar-31 16:17
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