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NoR and Advertising on Marks and Class Flags

Christian Hartmann
Nationality: Germany
  • Regional Race Officer
The Event Organizing Authority plans to display advertising on the course marks and as (start) class flags. Is the OA required to state this explicitly in the NoR or not?
rule J1.2.
Created: 22-May-12 13:05


Phil Mostyn
Nationality: Australia
  • National Umpire
  • International Judge
Short answer Christian - No, but why not do so anway?

RRS Ji.2 (5) ends with ".........and any other information related to advertising." 

I'm inclined to the view that the rule applies to advertising that boats are required to display, but it doesn't hurt to include the info about marks and class clags just to keep 'nit-pickers' at bay.

Created: 22-May-12 13:47
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