Withdrawn for Revision
Rule 71.4, National Authority Decisions
When the decision of a protest committee is changed or reversed upon appeal, the final standings and the awards must be adjusted accordingly.
Definitions, Mark-Room
Rule 18.2(b), Mark-Room: Giving Mark-Room
Rule 18.2(c)(2), Mark-Room: Giving Mark-Room
Rule 21(a), Exoneration
At a mark, when space is made available to a boat that is not entitled to it, she may, at her own risk, take advantage of the space.
Sportsmanship and the Rules
Rule 2, Fair Sailing
Rule 30.4, Starting Penalties: Black Flag Rule
Rule 69.2, Misconduct: Action by a Protest Committee
When a boat knows that she has broken the Black Flag rule, she is obliged to retire promptly. When she does not do so and then deliberately hinders another boat in the race, she commits a breach of sportsmanship and of rule 2, and her helmsman commits an act of misconduct.
Rule 84, Governing Rules
A race committee may not change, or refuse to implement, the decision of a protest committee, including a decision based on a report from an authority responsible for interpreting the class rules.
Part 2 Preamble
Rule 69.2, Misconduct: Action by a Protest Committee
When a boat is racing and meets a vessel that is not, both are bound by the government right-of-way rules. When, under those rules, the boat racing is required to keep clear but intentionally hits the other boat, she commits an act of misconduct.
Definitions, Racing
Rule 62.1(a), Redress
The failure of a race committee to discover that a rating certificate is invalid does not entitle a boat to redress. A boat that may have broken a rule and that continues to race retains her rights under the racing rules, including her rights under the rules of Part 2 and her rights to protest and appeal, even if she is later disqualified.
Rule 42.1, Propulsion: Basic Rule
Momentum of a boat after her preparatory signal that is the result of being propelled by her engine before the signal does not break rule 42.1.