Rule 14; Avoiding Contact
Rule 16.1; Changing Course
Rule 23;Capsized Anchored or Aground; Rescuing
Out of Control boats, Capsized boats and rules 16.1 and 14
Rule  89.1; Organizing Authority
19.20(d), (f); ‘Prohibited Event’
Onus to investigate OA compliance with rule 89.1 and ramifications of participating in a "Prohibited Event"
Rule  60.3 ; Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action
Rule 61.1(c); Informing the Protestee
Definition  Party 
Exonerating and penalizing a boat involved in an incident which is not a party to the hearing.
Rule  62; Redress
Case  116
Determining an appropriate redress when the score includes both qualifier and final series
Rule 62.1(b); Redress
Consideration of Redress under 62.1(b) when the specific type of damage is not uncommon in a class and anticipated in the class rules.
Rule 63.1; Requirement for a Hearing
When the race office is not available anymore, delivering the protest to the organizing authority meets the requirements of rule 63.1.
Rule 75.1; Entering a Race
World Sailing Regulation 19; Eligibility
In sailing events that do require World Sailing Eligibility, a competitor from a country which does not have a member national authority may only compete if the Board has waived the requirements listed in regulations 19.4(a) and 19.4(b).
Rule 31; Touching a Mark
While racing but before starting, a boat shall not touch a starting mark. From the moment the boat starts, the starting mark begins the leg of the course on which she is sailing and she shall not touch it. While the boat is sailing on the last leg and until she finishes, the finishing mark ends the leg from the previous mark to the finish and she shall not touch it.
Rule 18.4; Gybing
Rule  18.4 will apply at the finish line provided that the inside overlapped right-of-way boat must gybe to sail her proper course.
COVID 19 regulations at events
It is not recommended to include legislation, protocols or guidance from external authorities in an event’s rules, as breaches of such legislation are outside the jurisdiction of event officials and are subject to changes at short notice.
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