Rule 18.3; Passing Head to Wind in the Zone
Definition Fetching
A boat is fetching the mark if she is able to pass to windward of the mark and leave it on the required side without changing tack.
Rule 90.2(c); Sailing Instructions
Definition Sail the Course
Rule J2.1(4) requires the race committee to identify all rounding marks in relation to the definition Sail the Course.
Rule 63.6; Taking Evidence and Finding Facts
 Clarification regarding hearsay evidence
The Equipment Rules of Sailing for 2021- 2024: D.1.1 Hull
 Meaning of ‘hull’ in the Racing Rules of Sailing 
Rule 75; Entering An Event
Exclusion of a boat
Alternative penalty for a boat that was OCS
Rule 44.2; One-Turn and Two-Turns Penalties
Interrupting taking a penalty
Appendix R, Rule R5; Inadequate Facts; Reopening
Additional facts provided by the protest committee under appendix R5 are clarifications; therefore the national authority shall disclose them to the parties as required by rule R4.3.
Rule 18.3; Passing Head to Wind in the Zone
Rule 18.3 application
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