29er US National Championship

Hearing Request Form

Used for a Protest, Request for Redress or Request to Reopen

  • Protest
  • Protest by RC
  • Protest by PC
  • Protest by TC
  • Reopening by PC
  • Request to Reopen
  • Request for Redress
  • Request for Redress by RC
  • Request for Redress by PC
  • Other

Boat Protesting, or Requesting Redress or Reopening

Select the party type.
(include country code)

Boat Protested, or Being Considered for Redress

Select committee if seeking redress for that committee's actions.

Incident Information

Informing the boat protested

How did you inform the other boat of your intention to protest:

Description of Incident

Damage or Injury


[Optional] Attach any diagram, protest form, images of damage or injury