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Peter Glick
Nationality: United States
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World Sailing has published three new Q&As
World Sailing Q&A 2020.010 | COVID 19 regulations at events
World Sailing Q&A 2021.002 | Meaning of ‘hull’ in the Racing Rules of Sailing
World Sailing Q&A 2021.001 | Clarification regarding hearsay evidence

And the Q&A Booklet 2021 | Q&A Service Booklet 2021 (080121)
Created: 21-Jan-12 00:17


Al Sargent
Nationality: United States
Thank you for sharing, Peter.

The covid document seems to be self-contradictory. The first sentence says "don't include covid guidance in the event rules". Then it goes on to say that events need to implement covid guidance, and failure to comply can be grounds for a rule 69 violation. Which is it?

It also doesn't include any specifics around mask wearing, social distancing when rigging up, testing requirements, or vaccination certification (which we'll need to address later this year). 

It's disappointing that World Sailing isn't taking a more clearly articulated point of view in its guidance. I could understand this level of vagueness around April of last year. But this pandemic is now a year old.
Created: 21-Jan-12 01:19
Tim Hohmann
Nationality: United States
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  • Regional Judge
I think the gist is that WS thinks (and I tend to agree) that COVID restrictions are the province of public health authorities and perhaps of the event venue host, not race organizing authorities. They should not be made rules as defined in RRS. 

I'd tend to look at the COVID protocols as similar to yacht club parking rules. Competitors are informed of them and asked to abide by them, and a breach could [DP] be a basis for a misconduct report. But a boat can't be protested for illegal parking or failure to wear a mask.

Created: 21-Jan-12 02:01
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