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Google Sheets Scoring Program

Sam Wheeler
Nationality: United States of America
Not sure if this is the right forum - I've put together a somewhat customizable scoring program using Google Sheets and I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts. 

I know there are many existing systems out there for scoring regattas, but this one is mine. It uses two linked workbooks: one for the race organizer (to set options, enter registration info, and record scores) and another one for the public (to display scores and standings).  Scores can be entered from a phone or tablet on the race committee boat and viewed in real time on the public page.  I've used versions of this for some of our local Vanguard 15 regattas.

The race organizer "RC Access" workbook includes instructions for use on the first tab.

Here are templates that can be copied and set up for a particular event:
Copyable RC Access Workbook
Copyable Display Workbook

For anyone who wants to play with it but doesn't want to go through the trouble of copying and configuring it, here are versions that are partially editable (they might get messy if multiple people edit at once):
Editable RC Access Workbook
Display Workbook for Editable Demo

This is a little more cumbersome and less fully featured than some of existing regatta management options, but I enjoyed the challenge of building it and figured it might be useful if anyone out there wants a free, transparent, and customizable scoring program.  If you want to use it for anything, please just give me credit, and don't rely on it without checking your work.
Created: 19-Oct-17 03:15


Christian Hartmann
Nationality: Germany
  • Regional Race Officer
Looks like Appendix A with changes. Right?
Done something similar for myself with LibreOffice, lot's of efforts as you likely put in.
You might think about presenting the whole thing interactively in a (YouTube) video...

Created: 19-Oct-17 08:43
Nicholas Kotsatos
Nationality: United States of America
I applaud all the effort that went into this... however, it does not make entering scores much easier than if you sort the sheet yourself. As scores are generally entered one race at a time, it is far easier to enter them by finish place rather than by boat ie. enter 1st is boat 10, second is boat 3, third is boat 7 rather than boat 1 is 9th, boat 2 is fourth, boat 3 is second.
Created: 19-Oct-17 15:10
Sam Wheeler
Nationality: United States of America
Thanks folks.  

Christian, yes, it's designed to track Appendix A but allow for some of the common modifications.

Nicholas, I find this system helpful compared to just a basic sortable spreadsheet because it can handle non-numeric entries like DNF, score them appropriately, and display them in the output.  

I've been working on a version that can handle input of sail numbers in order of finish position as you suggested, but at least with my current limited skillset, it would require switching between two sheets to fill in any boats with a score that's not a finish position (like DNF, OCS, etc.).  I still think it might be a helpful improvement, though.
Created: 19-Oct-17 17:44
Nicholas Kotsatos
Nationality: United States of America
This version doesn't do the DNF/OCS/RDG nearly as neatly as yours (Redress would have to be totally manual). Currently the throw-outs are manual because I ran out of time. It does allow for rotation and for inputting by race finish order: Any improvements I ask that people share them back here.
Created: 19-Oct-19 14:56
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