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World Sailing Misconduct Guide

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
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World Sailing has issued a document entitled Misconduct Guidance written by a working party chaired by John Doerr. It is intended not just for international race officials, but for anyone who finds themself with a misconduct problem to solve. It also is important for competitors and support personnel as it tells them what to expect from race officials dealing with a misconduct issue. This follows Case 139 issued in 2016 and is an important clarification of the 2017-2020 rules. It is now available to add to common documents on your event panel.
Created: 17-Jun-29 16:27


Graham Kelly
Nationality: United States of America
  • National Judge
I just looked at this new document from WS. It seems a bit more theoretical than the excellent guidance documents on the ROY website, although some of the procedural advice may be dated.
The first is a two-page brief that lists types of misconduct and appropriate potential penalties:
The second provides a broad range of guidance, and is similar to the WS Guidance, but may provide a bit more hands-on advice on how to proceed:
Neither defines the role of the person who reported the misconduct, who is now a party to the hearing.
Created: 17-Jul-12 20:12
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