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Adding certain standard and discretionary penalties to the boat's net score

Peter van Muyden
Nationality: Canada
  • International Race Officer
During the World Sailing RM meetings there was some discussion regarding adding certain standard and discretionary penalties to the boat's net score.  There was no submission or decision made.

I'm talking about penalties not related to a particular race such as:
  • Failing to check in / out
  • Leaving the boat park before the display of the Delta flag
  • Being towed when not allowed
  • Failing to notify the Race Office when staying ashore 
  • etc

Currently, most of the time the penalty is applied to a race near the incident.   However, the actual result of the penalty changes or disappears if the boat discards the race or the penalty causes the score to be worse than the score for DNF.  I don't think that this is fair

Adding the penalty to the boat's net score makes the penalty the same in all cases.  Here is the link to the Sail Canada Youth Nationals results where we applied the penalty score to the boat's net score:  

 I'm interested to hear what you think of this  
Created: 19-May-03 17:30


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