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Shared Work Area and Hearing Notes

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
  • National Umpire
  • International Judge
  • National Judge

In combining the recommendations of a couple different judges, we've added a new feature to the Event Management System. The designated scribe will normally have the decision opened (and locked) and will be composing the decision during the hearing. But now the other judges on the panel can see those edits in real time on a shared work area. The other judges can't edit the decision, but they can see what the scribe has written as it is being written. When the panel begins to deliberate, they can begin with each judge fully understanding what has been written without the necessity of the decision being read aloud by the scribe. And when the Decision is final, each judge will have had an opportunity to read the actual decision before it is released.

In addition, each judge can keep their own electronic notes for that decision. This Notes Section is unique for each judge and private to the jury. And each judge's notes are then stored with the Decision for later reference.

You will find help on how to use the Notes Section here.
Created: 18-Apr-22 16:40


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