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New Features: Onshore Signals and Score Sheets

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States
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We released Onshore Signals incrementally over the last couple of weeks as we tested the idea, but now it seems to be in its fully functional form.  It is pretty intuitive in that you can draft a series of signal flags ready to be displayed and then change that Signal to Active, which posts the Signal on the public pages of RacingRulesOfSailing and sends a notice via email/sms/telegram/whatsapp.  And then when that Signal is changed to Inactive, it is removed from the public pages, but a notice is also sent indicating that the Signal has been removed.  We haven't posted a help section on this feature, but if you find it confusing, let us know and we'll put something together.  Note that this is not intended to replace the actual signals ashore.  You should still raise the appropriate flags at the onshore location (unless of course you change your NOR and SI's to accommodate such a process).

We just released the Score Sheets feature today.  Thanks to the ideas of Andy Barrow of the VYC, we set up a system for collecting Score Sheets in one place and making them available to the Scorer and the competitors.  The idea behind it is that, instead of sending an image of your score sheet or mark rounding sheet to one person (usually the scorer), you post it on RacingRulesofSaling via your smart phone. Once posted, it is available to all officials and competitors.  Moreover, if it is relevant to scoring, it is added to the Scorer's Panel and a notice is sent to the competitors and the scorer indicating it has been submitted.  By doing so, the competitors no longer have to wait for the PRO to come ashore to review the mark roundings or score sheets.  And the jury will have open access to review relevant mark roundings or score sheets without having to involve the race committee.  I suspect this will be a popular feature for a lot of events.  You can find a help section for this feature here.
Created: 22-Apr-21 01:03


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