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Abandoning or not ab

Frank Albert
Nationality: Australia
In a recent race two marks had been blown out of place.  The first mark (F) was blown in towards the center of the race course and also blown south towards the start/finish line.  That mark was not an issue as everyone saw it and honored it.  The second mark (H) was also blown in but it was blown side ways as well and was about a quarter of a mile to the west and south of it's normal position.  Half the boats racing (4) saw the mark in it's new position and rounded it according to the race instructions.  Half of the boats never saw it and didn't round it according to the sailing instructions.  One of the boats that never saw the mark now wants the race to be abandoned.  I think that would be unfair to the boats that did round the mark correctly.  Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
Created: 21-Nov-04 23:35


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