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New Feature - Starting Penalties - For Race Officers Only

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
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The Jury Management System on has a new feature (for Race Officers oddly enough). We've added the ability to identify Starting Penalties electronically and communicate those penalties to the competitors. The system provides a simple interface available via mobile phone for quickly entering the starting penalties for each race. A member of the race committee can quickly enter the penalties immediately after the start while on the committee boat, or they can relayed to shore via radio. Those penalties are then available via the internet for competitors, coaches and spectators. Plus, as soon as the penalty is entered, the competitor is notified via text message and email. Thus, any competitor capable of checking the internet while racing (or on the beach between races) will know if there is a starting penalty against them. And the coaches will be able to assist in informing boats that are BFD after a general recall without crowding around a chalk board on the committee boat.

You can find information about Starting Penalties in How to Use Starting Penalties.
Created: 17-Dec-13 06:38


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