How to Use Starting Penalties provides an electronic notice board for starting penalties. The race committee can enter OCS, UFD's, BFD's, etc. via a mobile phone and the list is immediately available on a public web page. Each penalized competitor is also sent a text and email about the penalty. For boats capable of accessing the internet while racing, they have immediate notification of the penalty. And coaches can access the list while their competitor is racing.
Starting Penalties are listed on the public pages of the event, sorted by racing area, division and race number.
Enable Starting Penalties by selecting the Setting when you set up the Event.
Then make sure the person who will enter the Starting Penalties is listed as an Official for the Event, with a role of PRO, CRO or Race Committee.
And confirm that the competitors have been imported into You cannot use Starting Penalties unless the competitors are already imported into the application.
On the water, the race committee can enter Starting Penalties immediately after the start. On the Starting Penalties page, select New Penalties.
Fill in the Course (optional), Division (optional), Race Number and the Penalty. This can be done before the start.
After the start, enter the sail number and you will be able to select the boat from a drop down list. Simply add all the boats that are to receive the penalty.
Then click Save Penalties. You will be returned to the Starting Penalties page and all the boats identified will be listed as receiving the penalty indicated. And each boat penalized will be notified with a text message and an email.
The Starting Penalties will also appear on the Scoring Panel so that the scorer (and the race committee) can confirm that the penalties have been properly applied.
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