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Racing along a continuing obstruction

John Vandereerden
Nationality: Canada
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Created: 17-Dec-02 15:29


Matt Bounds
Nationality: United States of America
  • National Judge
  • National Race Officer
Decision of the Sail Canada Appeals Committee:

"The facts found indicate that shallow water did not prevent Renegade from keeping clear of
Mananan while an overlap existed between them. Therefore, rule 11 applied rather than rule
19. Renegade broke rule 11 when Mananan could not alter course in either direction without
making immediate contact with Renegade."

Renegade’s appeal is denied.
Lynne Beal, Chairman
Andrew Alberti
Rick Hatch
Don Martin
Warren Nethercote
Leo Reise

December 27, 2017
Created: 19-Mar-09 22:42
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