How to Import Data from Sailwave allows for importing the competitor list from Sailwave. Simply open the RRS widget on Sailwave, add the event specific UUID from RRS, and click upload. You can do this task any number of times, updating the data in RRS when any changes are made to the Sailwave data.
Select the Plugins item on the Sailwave menu.
The Sailwave RRS Interface requires that you enter the UUID for your event from RRS.
The RRS UUID is on the Event Panel of RRS. Click show to see the UUID. Copy and paste the RRS UUID into Sailwave and click upload. That's it. You should see the entries in RRS competitors.
The data is mapped from Sailwave to RRS in the following manner.
Sailwave Attribute RRS Attribute
Class Class
Division Division
Boat Name Boat Name
SailNo Sail No.
NAT Nat.
HelmName First/Last Name
Email Email
Phone Phone
Club Name Club Name
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