How to Set Up Registration provides the ability to register competitors for an event including gathering the relevant information, payment of fees, and presentation of waivers.
Enable Registration by selecting the Registration setting when you Edit Event.
This will add two items to the Event Panel Menu. The first is Registration Settings which is the link to set up registration. The second is the Registration Dashboard, which will display the status of registration for an event. Click on Registration Setttings to begin.

In order to use Registration on, you must have a Stripe Account. Your Stripe Account will be connected to the registration and receive payment from registrants directly. You entirely control your Stripe Account. does not have access to it. You can withdraw money, issue refunds or otherwise manage your money directly, with no involvement from is paid a processing fee for registrations received, as indicated on the Registration Settings page.

When you set up your Stripe Account, you will be redirected to this Stripe Account page indicating that would like to connect your stripe account. You can create an account as an individual or a business. But you will be required to provide identification and tax information, so review the above form and gather the information you will need before attempting to set up your Stripe Account.

Once you've set up Stripe, you'll see on the Registration Set Up page you can disconnect that account at any time.

Next you'll need to indicate what fields you want to appear on the registration form. The above demonstrates just the Class field selected. You'll be able to list the classes of boats you'll allow to register further down the form. You can also choose to provide for Divisions, and require the registrant to select one. Or, to allow for handicap racing, you can indicate just the Make & Model of the boat and Handicap Rating.

You must also indicate a start and end date for accepting registrations. The registration form will not be visible to the competitors prior to the start date or after the end date.

You must also indicate who you will allow to register. At the moment, there are only three types: Competitor, Support Person and Support Boat. You can select one or all three.

And finally, if you've indicated that the Class and/or Division shall be collected on the form, you must indicate what Classes and/or Divisions will be allowed by simply typing them into the field. When you hit space or enter, it will save the entry.

Next we'll add the fees available at the time of registration. Click on the Add Fees link.
Enter the time period you want the fee to be active with a start and end date. Then select whether the fee applies to Competitor, Support Person and/or Support Boat. If you don't indicate it is an optional fee, it will be required in order for a registration to be completed. You can also select to which Classes and/or Divisions the fee may apply.
Then you can add Waivers, Disclaimers, Permission Documents and Acknowledgments.

Enter the type, title and content of your waiver. Include an acknowledgement only if you want the registrant to be required to acknowledge the waiver.

You can then Save as Template. You won't see any documents available in Copy from Template until you save your first document as a template. But once you've built a library of templates, you'll be able to Copy from Template to quickly generate your waivers. Copy from Template is destructive in that it will completely replace your current document with a copy of the template. Any edits to the current document will be lost.

When you edit a document that has been copied from a template, you can choose to Update Template, which will copy the changes you made to your document into the template. This is destructive. It will replace your existing template with the changes you made to the current document, so you will completely replace the template with the current document.

Now Save Settings. And that's it. You're now ready to accept registrations for your event.
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