How to Create a New Event

On the main menu, click on Toolbox, then select Events.
This page contains all the events where you have been associated as a judge or umpire. At the top, click on the link to Add a New Event. (Note that only Admins will have the Show All link.)

Enter the information for your event. Include as much information as possible as this information is shared with other officials and competitors in the Jury Management system.

1. For the Chief judge or umpire, type the first few letters of the officials name (even if you are the Chief) and select the person from the list. This associates someone from the Officials list as the Chief. If the person you are trying to associate as the Chief is not in the list, you can skip this field for now. You can add him to Officials and come back to change this later.

2. For the Event Web Site, find the site in your browser, select the URL in the url address at the top of the browser, and copy and paste it into the Event Web Site address here.

3. For the event logo, find the logo on the event website and copy the image to your desktop. Then click on Choose File on the Add Event page and select the file you saved to your desktop (see screenshots below).

Find the logo or yacht club burgee for the event. You should look for an image that is somewhat square as a rectangle tends to get distorted in the upload.
In Windows, right click on the image of the logo. It will give you the option to download the image. (If it does not, the image might be protected or buried in the HTML and you'll have to keep looking for an image you can download. When you click on download, save the file to your desktop and then upload the file in the Edit Event window of
Once you have completed setting up the event, you will be forwarded to the Event Panel, which will allow you to add notices, documents and officials to your event.
Help: How to Use the Toolbox at Your Event
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