Kanban Board

The Kanban Board is designed to allow for organizing and tracking of regatta resources. For example, coordinating a large group of judges requires tracking location and assignments. The KanBan Board allows the chief judge to track and assign judges with a drag and drop interface.

To enable the Kanban Board for your event, select Kanban Board on the Event Settings .

Then you will find an entry on the main menu of your Event Panel.

When you open the Kanban Board, you will find the first column populated with all the judges. You can add columns by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the last column.

Once you add a column, you can change the title of that column just by clicking on the title and editing.

Once you add and title the columns as you'd like, you can drag and drop the judge cards into the the column for the status of that judge. Each judge can manage their own card and thus commununicate their status to the group.

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