Rule 16.1; Changing Course
Definition Keep Clear
The definition Keep Clear (b) is a test that decides whether a boat is keeping clear of another either under rule 11  or under rule 10 when sailing downwind on opposite tacks, while rule 16.1 puts a limitation on the rights of a right-of-way boat.
Rule 62.1
A boat may protest or request redress for an incident during a practice race. If there is damage to the boat entitled to redress such that repairs expand over subsequent races, redress may be given for those races.
Rule 55; Trash Disposal
The Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions of an event can change or delete rule 55.
Rule 89.1
Authorizing a club to organize an event does not make a class part of the organizing authority.
T1 Post Race Penalties
44.2 One-Turn and Two-Turns Penalties
The Post-Race penalty under rule T1(a) is not an additional penalty option available to boats at the time of an incident. It is only available to boats realizing that they might have broken a rule when it is too late to comply with rule 44.2..
By knowingly breaking a rule and not promptly taking a penalty, the boat violated a fundamental principle of sportsmanship, therefore she also broke rule 2.
Rule 34; Mark Missing
When a finishing line inflatable mark drifts out of position, the race committee can properly substitute it with a vessel displaying flag M and making repetitive sound signals. 
Rule 18.3; Tacking in the Zone
A boat breaks rule 18.3 at the finish line when she causes a boat who has been on starboard tack since entering the zone to sail above close hauled to avoid contact.
Rule 51 Movable Ballast
Pumping out bilge water for the purpose of changing a boat’s trim or stability does not break rule 51, however, class rules may limit the amount of bilge water allowed and/or put restrictions on the time and/or the type of bilge pump used to bail water out.
Rule 89.1, Organizing Authority
An organization is affiliated if it is affiliated to the national authority of the venue; otherwise the organization is unaffiliated
Rule 89.1, Organizing Authority
An organization may be affiliated to the national authority either directly or through affiliation to an entity which in turn is affiliated to the national authority.