18.3; Passing Head to Wind in the Zone
Interpretation of ‘shall not cause’ in rule 18.3.
Preamble to Part 2.
While a boat is sailing in or near the racing area and intends to race, the race committee vessel is not sailing under the Racing Rules of Sailing, therefore, according to the Part 2 preamble, the boat shall comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS)
Rule 18.3; Passing Head to Wind in the Zone
Definition Fetching
A boat is fetching the mark if she is able to pass to windward of the mark and leave it on the required side without changing tack.
Rule 90.2(c); Sailing Instructions
Definition Sail the Course
Rule J2.1(4) requires the race committee to identify all rounding marks in relation to the definition Sail the Course.
Rule 63.6; Taking Evidence and Finding Facts
 Clarification regarding hearsay evidence
The Equipment Rules of Sailing for 2021- 2024: D.1.1 Hull
 Meaning of ‘hull’ in the Racing Rules of Sailing 
Rule 75; Entering An Event
Exclusion of a boat
Alternative penalty for a boat that was OCS
Rule 44.2; One-Turn and Two-Turns Penalties
Interrupting taking a penalty
Appendix R, Rule R5; Inadequate Facts; Reopening
Additional facts provided by the protest committee under appendix R5 are clarifications; therefore the national authority shall disclose them to the parties as required by rule R4.3.
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