Rule 44.1, Taking a Penalty
 Rule 60.3, Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action 
 The protest committee may call a hearing if it believes that an incident occurred which may have resulted in injury or serious damage. It is not required that the incident is between two boats. 
T1 Post Race Penalties
44.2 One-Turn and Two-Turns Penalties
The Post-Race penalty under rule T1(a) is not an additional penalty option available to boats at the time of an incident. It is only available to boats realizing that they might have broken a rule when it is too late to comply with rule 44.2..
By knowingly breaking a rule and not promptly taking a penalty, the boat violated a fundamental principle of sportsmanship, therefore she also broke rule 2.
Rule 89.1, Organizing Authority
An organization is affiliated if it is affiliated to the national authority of the venue; otherwise the organization is unaffiliated
Rule 89.1, Organizing Authority
An organization may be affiliated to the national authority either directly or through affiliation to an entity which in turn is affiliated to the national authority.
Rule 66, Reopening a Hearing
 If the national authority decides that the new and timely delivered evidence is also significant and might have led the protest committee to change its decision, it may reverse the decision of the protest committee and order that the hearing be reopened.
Rule 14; Avoiding Contact
Rule 16.1; Changing Course
Rule 23;Capsized Anchored or Aground; Rescuing
Out of Control boats, Capsized boats and rules 16.1 and 14
Rule  62; Redress
Case  116
Determining an appropriate redress when the score includes both qualifier and final series
Rule 18.4; Gybing
Rule  18.4 will apply at the finish line provided that the inside overlapped right-of-way boat must gybe to sail her proper course.
COVID 19 regulations at events
It is not recommended to include legislation, protocols or guidance from external authorities in an event’s rules, as breaches of such legislation are outside the jurisdiction of event officials and are subject to changes at short notice.
Rule 62.1(a) Improper Omission
The word 'Improper' in the rule modifies the word 'Omission.'
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