Preamble to Part 2
 Rule 36, Races Restarted or Resailed
 Rule 44.1(b), Penalties at the Time of an Incident: Taking a Penalty
 Rule 60.3(a) Action
 Rule 61.1(a)(4), Protest Requirements: Informing the Protestee
 Rule 63.5, Validity of the Protest or Request for Redress
Interpretation of the term ‘serious’ in the phrase ‘serious  damage’.
Rule 62.1(b), Redress
When a boat requests redress because of injury or physical damage caused by the action of a boat that was breaking a rule of Part 2, she need not protest the boat that caused the damage or injury, but her request will not succeed unless evidence given during the redress hearing leads the protest committee to conclude that the other boat broke a rule of Part 2.
Rule 70, Appeals and Requests to a National Authority
Rule 75, Entering a Race
Rule 89.1, Organizing Authority; Notice of Race; Appointment of Race Officials: Organizing Authority
When the organizing authority for a race is not an organization specified in rule 89.1, a party to a hearing does not have access to the appeal process.
Rule 69; Misconduct
The rules do not specify a time limit for making a report under rule 69. However, a protest committee may take into consideration the timeliness of a report and the reasons for any delay when deciding whether to call a hearing.
Rule 85; Changes to Rules
 Rule 86; Changes to Racing the Rules
The Racing Rules of Sailing are published in English by World Sailing and will always take precedence over any translation, unless the translation of a particular racing rule has the status of a rule change as provided for in rules 85 and 86.
Rule 30.3; U Flag Rule
 Rule 30.4; Black Flag Rule
When, as a consequence of breaking a rule, a boat has compelled another to break rule 30.3 or 30.4, and that boat did return to the pre-start side of the starting line, start correctly, sail the course and finish, the protest committee should exonerate her for breaking either rule 30.3 or 30.4,
Basic Principles - Sportsmanship
Basic Principles – Sportsmanship and the Rules provides that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire. Any procedure regarding retirement after finishing stated in the sailing instructions shall be followed as soon as the boat becomes aware of the breach.
Rule 62; Redress
If a boat is entitled to redress under rule 62, a qualifying series shall be considered as a separate series in the regatta.
Rule A3; Starting Times and Finishing Places
In an event using a handicap/rating system, if no rule contains any provision for rounding a boat’s corrected time, rounding to any unit of time is incorrect.
Rule G1.2 Specifications
Sail numbers in digital font do not comply with rule G1.2(a).