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Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
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The Jury Management system can be used for scoring inquiries for your event. When you create an Event, select Show Scoring Inquiry Tools on the edit page. Scoring Inquiries will be added to the menu on both the Event Panel and on the Public Pages. Competitors (or Jury Secretary) can then submit scoring inquiries electronically on When they do, the members of the jury are notified. If you have added an Official as the PRO on the Event Panel, they are also sent a link to the scoring inquiry and the PRO can respond electronically. This works on a mobile phone so the PRO can work on the scoring inquiries anywhere, anytime. Once the PRO responds, the competitor is sent notice and the response appears on the public notice board.

Once the response is submitted, the competitor can then choose whether or not to file a request for redress electronically simply by clicking a button. If they do, the request for redress is submitted stamped with the time the scoring inquiry was received. This allows for time for the PRO to review all the scoring inquiries without the pressure to do so before the end of the protest time limit. And the competitor is not compelled to file a request for redress and a scoring inquiry. It also provides a complete list of all the scoring inquiries, and the PRO's response, so no scoring inquires are neglected. The scorer appreciates this feature (so make sure you add them to the Officials on the event panel) as they can be confident the scores have been updated for all the scoring inquiries.

I recognize that allowing for electronically submitted scoring inquiries is a pretty big change for some race committees. We have seen a lot of resistance to this feature. However, most every event I attend has a different process for accepting and processing them. And most are not very transparent to the competitor. So the jury ends up getting involved if for no other reason than the competitor knows where to find them. I encourage every PRO to try this feature as you'll find it greatly reduces the chaos that develops immediately after you come off the water. And it helps the jury as they can confidenlty direct a competitor where to submit their inquiry and know the PRO will receive it immediately.
Created: 17-Oct-21 20:49


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