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Kieler Woche - Judge's University 2019 - Arbitration Guidelines

Paul Zupan
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In an ongoing effort to reconcile how to conduct arbitration such that the arbitrator is available to proceed to the next case, a procedure was added to the arbitration guidelines for Kieler Woche.  If the arbitration results in proceeding to a hearing, the arbitrator would inform the parties of the opportunity to point out inconsistent testimony during the hearing.  This gives the parties advance notice of the issue such that they are more inclined to keep their story consistent, opens the door for the parties to initiate what might be an RRS 2 or 69 issue, and provides the foundation for calling the arbitrator as a witness.  That specific language is here
Created: 19-Jul-07 15:15


Michael Butterfield
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  1.  Efficient Hearing procedures, 
  2.  Efficient scribing
  3.  Procedural section of “hearing decision form”
  4.  Standard phrase scribing
  5.  Due process as applies to RRS
  6.  Policy for on-the-water jury protests
  7.  Critical Q&A’s from 2018 & 2019
  8.  RRS 42 issues and interpretation issues
  9.  Jury policy on support person breaches, hearings, warnings, penalties
  10.  Arbitrator guidelines
  11.  Decision standards for judges
  12. Tracking the most recent rule changes
  13. Medal Race umpire positioning

Is there any other information on 1, 2, 3, 4 Mike
Created: 19-Jul-11 06:40
Angelo Guarino
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Paul, one minor thing that jumped out at me when I read the linked proceedure to the Arbitrator Guidelines was 2.c.i

i. Judge’s manual says OK to state rules that apply 
ii. Logic says do not state rules or interpretations that apply, as that arbitrator advice gives an advantage to the parties. 

The 2017 IJM, Section L-3 .. the paragraph under the bullets specifically states that there should be no discussion of the rules ... only if and until the protest is withdrawn ... so I don't think there is any conflict there.
Other than that minor thing .. I think the doc is helpful.

Created: 19-Jul-12 02:32
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