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CAS Hearing Checklist Added to Decision Panel

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
  • National Umpire
  • International Judge
  • National Judge
We've added the Hearing Checklist to the Decision Panel in the event management system. You'll find a link to it on each decision.

You can complete it electronically and it automatically identifies the parties, chair of the hearing, the submitting official and remains a part of the records for the event. It has already been translated into French - other languages will follow.

Created: 18-Nov-22 18:14


Claudio Uras
Nationality: Italy
  • Regional Umpire
  • Regional Race Officer
  • International Judge
Thanks a lot Paul.

*** To all Italian friends, Italian version is now also available ***

-- Claudio
Created: 18-Nov-22 23:06
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