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Review of Q&A's From the Past Year

Paul Zupan
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World Sailing just published Q&A 2018-014. Since we missed a few over the last few months, I took the opportunity to review the Q&A's for the last year.

Q&A 2018-004
Rule G1.2 Specifications
Sail numbers in digital font do not comply with rule G1.2(a).

Q&A 2018-005
Rule 62.1 Redress
Failure to display flag L when posting a notice to competitors may be an improper action or omission of a committee.

Q&A 2018-006
Rule 71.4 National Authority Decisions
Decisions by a national authority under rule 71 are governed by rule 71.4 and are final so cannot be changed by anyone, the national authority included.

Q&A 2018-007
Definitions of damage, serious damage, injury and physical damage.

Q&A 2018-008
Rule 53, Skin Friction
Actions that can be performed and products that may be applied on a boat’s hull without breaking rule 53

Q&A 2018-009
Rule 63.3 Right to be Present
If none of the parties are present at the time the hearing is scheduled, it is at the discretion of the protest committee to decide if they want to reschedule the hearing or continue the hearing with none of the parties present, under RRS 63.3(b).

Q&A 2018-010
Rule 44.1, Taking a Penalty
Rule 60.3, Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action

The protest committee may call a hearing if it believes that an incident occurred which may have resulted in injury or serious damage. It is not required that the incident is between two boats.

Q&A 2018-011
Rule 60.3, Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action
In a hearing called by the protest committee under rule 60.3(d) to consider whether a support person has broken a rule, the supported boat is a party.

Q&A 2018-012
Rule 44.1, Taking a Penalty
A boat may take a Scoring Penalty under RRS 44.1 when she may have broken a rule, and this applies to each individual incident, similarly to the One-Turn Penalty.

Q&A 2018-013
The term 'owner' is not defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing and is therefore used in the sense ordinarily understood in nautical or general use.

Q&A 2018-014
Rule 32.1, Shortening or Abandoning After the Start
The race committee may abandon a race even after one or more boats have finished.

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Angelo Guarino
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Q&A 2018-010 is an interesting situation to consider. Anyone have comments on that one? - Ang
Created: 18-Oct-05 13:16
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