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Standard Course Diagrams

David Campbell-James
Nationality: United Kingdom
  • International Race Officer
I thought I'd share some standard course diagrams I've been using for over 20 years.  I'm also attaching a number of Speed Charts / Target Time charts which Igor from Beat Length is now using in his new App “Beat Length”.

I course with and without gate.docx 164 KB

O course with and without gate.docx 164 KB

L course with mark 2 and mark 4.docx 121 KB

Target Times for 2024 Olympic Classes May 2023 version 12 with SAP amendments.xlsx 113 KB
Created: 23-Dec-15 19:01


Tom Clarke
Nationality: Bermuda
  • International Race Officer
Thanks David. 
Created: 23-Dec-15 21:10
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