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Registration fees

Michal Pajak
Nationality: United Arab Emirates
  • National Measurer
  • National Race Officer
  • National Umpire
  • National Judge
Wanted to confirm the amount of registration fees. RRS seems to be charging 3%. Stripe is going to charge own fee as well. 
Should I budget for 6% if I planned to use RRS+STRIPE?
Created: 23-Mar-20 15:45


Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States
  • International Judge
  • National Judge
I think 6% is a safe estimate.  Stripe charges the normal credit card fees which range from 1.25% to 2.5% depending on the country, so I think your total cost will vary between 4.25% to 5.5% depending on your credit card fees.
Created: 23-Mar-20 15:47
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