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Shortened course and subsequent protest

Stephen Watts
Nationality: Australia
The facts: The official program for the day listed a standard course for fleet two. Fleet one (different class of dinghy) started with a shortened course, the flag being displayed on the start boat. Fleet two started, the shortened course flag being displayed in error (admitted by the start boat later). Boat A and B sailed the longer course and finished ahead of Boat C. Boat C sailed the shortened course, crossed the finish line then resumed the longer course, finishing after Boats A & B.  Boat C was always well behind Boats A and B and had no hope of catching them - crossing the finish line of the shortened course did not affect its position. Boat C then protested the race committee, claiming that they had sailed the proper course and should be awarded first place. The protest was upheld and Boat C was awarded first place. A complicating factor was the chair of the protest committee is the son of the starters who made the error.
Created: 22-Nov-28 02:35


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