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Can you protest a judge for Rule 69

Dale Stranaghan
Nationality: Canada
In a competition this past weekend a judge flagged a competitor for breaking rule 42 because he did not recognize that the sailor was executing s-turns downwind. Not wanting to risk a DSQ the sailor did spins, which resulted in boats passing which ended up being the difference from winning the event. Afterwards in the presence of a witness the judge engaged the competitor and demonstrated his lack of knowledge by changing the reason for the flag 3 times. He told the competitor he was lucky he didn't get flagged again. In the subsequent race the judge tailed the sailor downwind during which time another sailor in plain view of the judge was obviously breaking rule 42. When the sailor questioned the judge after racing why he did not flag that sailor the judge responded he did not feel like flagging the rocking boat because he was busy watching him. Is this a violation of rule 69 by the judge and grounds for an appeal? Seems like targeting to me. The judge was less than 5 boat lengths behind flagged competitor for several minutes. Is it possible to protest the sailor breaking the rules and not being flagged and calling other sailors or the judge himself as a witness after the event?
Created: 22-May-13 07:00


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