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World Sailing Issued a Case Book Supplement for 2018

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
  • International Judge
Summary of Changes and Additions
Case 78 has been amended so that a boat may use tactics that interfere with or hinder another boat only if there is a reasonable chance of her tactics benefiting her final ranking in the event. Marginal markings indicate those paragraphs in which wording has changed.
Three new cases, Cases 141, 142 and 143, have been added to The Case Book this year. Each of them is based on action taken at the World Sailing Annual Conference in November 2017.
Note: One more new case, Case 144, is still under consideration. It was approved in November 2017 subject to editing and then a vote by the World Sailing Racing Rules Committee (RRC) to approve the edited case. If editing of this case is completed and the case is approved by the RRC, a revised version of this supplement, including that case, will be issued.
Created: 18-Apr-12 02:45


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