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When does an event transfers from "Upcomimg" to "Current"

Pantelis Pavlou
Nationality: Greece
Question as per subject.
Other question. When I use the link to my event on our site, upon clicking on it we are prompted to enter user name and password. Does this have to do with the fact that our event is still in the Upcoming Section?
Created: 22-Mar-11 12:52


Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States
  • National Umpire
  • International Judge
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If you are referring to the "Upcoming" and "Current" events listed on the home page, the upcoming is all the current events two days before their indicated start date.  Upcoming is the first few before that.  Do not expect competitors to use the link on the home page.  It is there in case they get lost.

When you post links to your event, use the links provided in the Public Links page you will find under the Public Pages menu on the left side of your Event Panel.  If the site is asking for a username and password, you are using the wrong link.

Hope this helps.
Created: 22-Mar-11 15:31
Pantelis Pavlou
Nationality: Greece
Thank you kinldy

Created: 22-Mar-13 22:07
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