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Test Team Racing Rule 16.2

Paul Zupan
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The following is the full document from World Sailing. In essence the rule brings the Match Race anti hunting call.

This test rule is designed to overcome problems with rule 16.2 as it applies to team racing under Appendix D. Organizing authorities for umpired team racing events, particularly with keelboats, are encouraged to use this test rule and to report their view to World Sailing promptly after each event.

This test rule will apply only to umpired team racing when sailing instructions so state. It has been authorised by World Sailing in accordance with regulation 28.1.5(b).

Alternative Racing Rule 16.2
When stated in the sailing instructions, rule 16.2 is changed to
16.2 In addition, a boat on a beat to windward shall not bear away to a course more than 90 degrees from the true wind if as a result the boat would immediately need to change course to of her.
When this rule applies the following changes to the Team Racing Call Book apply:
Call D2 Delete call Call D5 In answer 1 delete all references to rule 16.2 and delete the final paragraph in italics Call G7 Delete Q&A 1
Reasons for Test
Current Team Racing Call D2, particularly answer 2, is agreed as the correct interpretation of current Part 2 rule 16.2. However, the switch off of the rule when the boats are approaching each other as shown in Call D2 creates undesirable situations with a high risk of damage to the boats. This cannot be resolved without a significant change to the rule. The deletion of the rule is considered likely to make the situation worse where a dial-down by the starboard-tack boat is a common tactic. The recommendation builds on Racing Rules Committee discussions on submission 171-15. It minimises the restrictions on the right-of-way boat while providing an escape route for the keep clear boat.

Objectives for Proposed Rule
  • Apply only when the starboard-tack boat is on a beat to windward (as defined in World Sailing Case 132)
  • The rule shall apply in addition to rule 16.1 which will always apply
  • Permit the starboard-tack boat to luff at any time
  • Permit the starboard-tack boat to bear away to a course that is no more than 90 degrees from the wind
  • Prohibit the starboard-tack boat from bearing away to a course more than 90 degrees from the wind if the port-tack boat will immediately need to change course to keep clear.
Created: 18-Mar-28 04:02


Paul Hanly
Nationality: Australia
An aside. I note that the wording above implies that the starboard boat is still considered to be on a beat to windward even though she might be sailing at 89 degs off the wind. This is in relation to an earlier discussion about boats that overlay and reach into the zone of a mark on port tack and whether they are on a beat to windward.
Created: 18-Mar-28 04:30
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