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Event Management Now Available in French

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
  • National Umpire
  • International Judge
  • National Judge
We have been working on translating the Event Management system so that it will be easier to use internationally. We are putting the final fixes on the French translation which is now available by selecting French on the language drop down on the main menu. Note that not everything is translated - RRS 42 interpretations for example, will remain available only in English. But most everything else is available in French, including the Suggested Wording for Protest Decisions and Jury Assignments. Thank you Baptiste Verniest for patiently working through translating all the pages and going above and beyond in assisting with the work.

We are also currently working on Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian. Plus we'd like to start on the German and Italian translations, but need a volunteer for each to assist. If you are a judge and are willing to help with the translation to either German or Italian, please let us know.
Created: 17-Dec-19 22:18


Marcello Montis
Nationality: Italy
  • International Race Officer
hello Paul
I am Marcello Montis from Italy, I am an IRO so I can help you about italian translation
yours sincerely
Created: 18-Feb-07 16:47
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