Case 1
Rule 60.1, Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action
Rule 63.1, Hearings: Requirement for a Hearing
A boat that breaks a rule while racing but continues to race may protest over a later incident, even though after the race she is disqualified for her breach.
Boats A, B and C are racing with others. After an incident between A and B, boat A hails "Protest" and displays her protest flag, but boat B does not take a penalty. Later, B protests a third boat, C, after a second incident.  The protest committee hears A's protest against B and disqualifies B. 

Does this disqualification invalidate B's protest against C? 

No. When a boat continues to race after an alleged breach of a rule, her rights and obligations under the rules do not change. Consequently, even though A's protest against B is upheld, the protest committee must hear B's protest against C and, if B's protest is valid and the protest committee is satisfied from the evidence that C broke a rule, she must be disqualified.
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