Q&A 2022-002
Rule 89.2(a); Notice of Race; Appointment of Race Officials
Conflict of interest of a protest committee member
Rule 89.2(a) states that the organizing authority shall publish a notice of race that conforms to Rule J1. Rule 90.2 states that the race committee shall publish written sailing instructions that conform to rule J2.

Question 1
Can an organizing authority ask a potential member of the protest committee for assistance in writing the notice of race or sailing instructions?

Answer 1

An organizing authority or a race committee may ask anyone, including a potential protest committee member, for assistance in preparing the notice of race or sailing instructions. Furthermore, when an international jury is appointed to an event, it shall, when asked, assist these bodies in any matter directly affecting the fairness of the competition. See rule N2.1.

Question 2
Does the official who assisted in writing the notice of race or sailing instruction have a Conflict of Interest being a member of the protest committee of this event?

Answer 2

See definition of Conflict of Interest.

Published: 21 February 2022
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