Q&A 2021-006
Rule 44.2; One-Turn and Two-Turns Penalties
Interrupting taking a penalty
On a beat to windward, boat B is on port tack, well clear of other boats, and she bears away to take a penalty. Boat A tacks to starboard onto a collision course with boat B. Boat B luffs to keep clear of boat A and then gybes and promptly completes her penalty.

Question 1
Did any boat break a rule?

Answer 1

When a boat that is well clear of other boats starts to take a penalty, and the actions of another boat cause her to interrupt her penalty to comply with rule 21.2, she complies with rule 44.2 if she then promptly completes her penalty.

Boat A is sailing her proper course at all times, therefore rule 23.2 does not apply to her.

Question 2
Would the answer be different if the race was umpired?

Answer 2
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