Case 121
Rule 85, Changes to Rules
Rule 86, Changes to the Racing Rules
Rule J1.2(2), Notice of Race Contents
Rule J1.3(1), Notice of Race Contents
Rule J2.1(1), Sailing Instructions Contents
The procedure that must be followed in order to change a racing rule for an event is described in detail
Question 1
What is the procedure that must be followed in the notice of race and the sailing instructions to change a racing rule for a particular event?

Answer 1
The following procedure must be followed:
  1. Determine whether or not the rule you wish to change may be changed. Rule 86.1(b) states that certain racing rules may not be changed unless the change is permitted in the rule itself. Rules 86.2 and 86.3 permit exceptions to rule 86.1(b) in certain circumstances. If the rule may not be changed, any attempt to change it will be invalid.
  2. Rule 85.1 requires that the specification of a change to any rule, including a racing rule, must identify the rule being changed and include a statement of the change in full. Aft er reading that statement, it should be possible for a reader to know precisely how the changed rule would read. Also note that, under rule 85.1, an addition to a rule or deletion of all or part of it is a ‘change’ to the rule.
  3. The organizing authority is required by rule 89.2(a) to publish a notice of race that conforms to rule J1. Under rule J.3(1), the organizing authority must decide whether knowledge of a change in a racing rule would help competitors decide whether to attend the event or would provide them with information they will need before the sailing instructions become available. If so, the change in the racing rule must be stated in the notice of race.
  4. The race committee is required by rule 90.2(a) to publish written sailing instructions that conform to rule J2. Rule J2.1(1) requires that any change in a racing rule for an event that was not stated in the notice of race be stated in the sailing instructions.
  5. In exception to (3) and (4), a change in a rule made under rule 86.2 must always be stated in the notice of race (see rule J1.2(2)). In addition, the statement from World Sailing authorizing the change must be included in the notice of race or the sailing instructions and posted on the official notice board.

When a rule change is made under rule 86.3, the approval of the national authority may be required.

Question 2
Can a racing rule be changed for an event without following the procedure described in Answer 1?

Answer 2

World Sailing 2012, revised 2021
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