Match Race Call C1
Rule 8; Last Point of Certainty (C2.5)
Rule 11; On the Same Tack, Overlapped
Section C; At Marks and Obstructions: Preamble
Rule 19.2(b); Giving Room at an Obstruction
Until both Umpires agree that the boats are approaching the line to start, they must conclude that they are not. 

Question 1
Blue and Yellow are approaching the committee boat end of the starting line. How do the umpires decide if they are approaching a starting mark to start?

Answer 1
In each of Diagrams a, b, and c the boats may be approaching a starting mark to start. The umpires will use the speed and course of the boats in the prevailing conditions and the time remaining before the starting signal to decide if they are approaching a starting mark to start. Since match race starting lines are short, the boats may even be approaching the far end (Diagram b). However, until both umpires agree that the boats are approaching to start, they will decide that they are not (see rule 8 Last Point of Certainty).

Question 2
Before starting Blue and Yellow are on the course side of the starting line sailing downwind on port tack. Blue gives room for Yellow to pass the committee boat. There is a Y-flag. What should the call be?

Answer 2
Display the green and white flag. A boat cannot be approaching a mark to start until approaching to pass the mark on the required side. At position 1, Yellow was entitled to room under rule 19.2(b), which was given. This also applies when both boats have been recalled.
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