Case 58
Definitions, Finish
Definitions, Mark
Rule 28.1, Sailing the Course
If a buoy or other object specified in the sailing instructions as a finishing-line limit mark is on the post-finish side of the finishing line, a boat may leave it on either side.
The sailing instructions stated that the finishing line was between a mast on shore and a mark, with an inner limit mark to be left to port. On the day in question, the inner limit mark lay on the post-finish side of the line. P crossed the line, and then rounded the inner limit mark as shown in the diagram. The race officer timed her as finishing when her bow crossed the line, before she had rounded the limit mark.
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S requested redress on the grounds that the race officer acted incorrectly in recording P as having finished before she had completed the course. The protest committee did not give S redress and referred that decision, under rule 70.2, for confirmation or correction.

The protest committee's decision is confirmed. Rule 28.1 states that "A boat may leave on either side a mark that does not begin, bound or end the leg she is sailing." Since the inner limit mark was beyond the finishing line it did not "bound" or "end" the last leg of the course. Only when a limit mark is on, or on the course side of, the finishing line must a boat leave it on the specified side before, or when, finishing. The race officer was correct to take P’s finishing time when she crossed the finishing line.

GBR 1983/5
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