Case 102
Rule 62.2, Redress
When a boat requests redress because of an incident she claims affected her score in a race, and thus in a series, the time limit for making the request is the time limit for the race, rather than a time limit based on the posting of the series results.
Scruples requested redress at the end of an eight-race series because of an incident that occurred in Race 5 of the series, which was sailed three weeks earlier. The protest committee found her request to be invalid because it was made after the time limit. She appealed, stating that it was not until the end of the series and the posting of the results that she knew that her score in Race 5 had affected her series score and that the time for her to make her request did not begin until after the series was completed and the results posted.

Scruples's appeal is dismissed. Her request for redress was not valid because it was not delivered to the race office within the protest time limit that applied to Race 5 (see rule 62.2). The incident affected her score in the series only through its effect on her score in Race 5 and, therefore, the relevant time limit for requesting redress was the time limit that applied to that race.

GBR 2001/9
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