Case 112
Definitions, Finish
Rule 28.2, Sailing the Course
Rule 61.1(a)(3), Protest Requirements: Informing the Protestee
A boat that makes, and does not correct, an error in sailing the course does not break rule 28 until she finishes. If a boat makes such an error, a second boat may notify the first that she intends to protest before the first boat finishes, or at the first reasonable opportunity after the first boat finishes.
Boat A leaves the first mark of the course on the wrong side. Then, without correcting her error, she sails the remainder of the course correctly and crosses the finishing line from the course side and then returns to the harbour. Another boat, B, sees A leave the first mark on the wrong side and decides to protest her.

Question 1
Does A finish when she crosses the finishing line?

Answer 1
A finishes provided that she crosses the finishing line in accordance with the definition Finish, whether or not a string representing her track complies with rule 28.2. Because A did not continue to sail the course after crossing the finishing line, she finished in accordance with the definition at the time she crossed the line (see definition Finish (c)).

Question 2
When does A break rule 28.2?

Answer 2
A makes an error when she leaves the first mark on the wrong side. However, rule 28.2 allows her to correct her error at any time before she finishes, but not thereafter. Therefore, A does not break rule 28.2 until she finishes.

Question 3
When must B inform A of her intention to protest?

Answer 3
Rule 61.1(a)(3) states that B need not hail "Protest" or display a red flag, but she must inform A of her intention to protest before A finishes or at the first reasonable opportunity after A finishes.

GBR 2003/4
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