Case 35
Rule 20.2(c), Room to Tack at an Obstruction: Responding
When a boat is hailed for room to tack at an obstruction and replies “You tack,” and the hailing boat is then able to tack and avoid the hailed boat in a seamanlike way, the hailed boat has complied with rule 20.2(c).
As two close-hauled boats approached a shore, L hailed W for room to tack. W replied “You tack” and L then tacked immediately. After tacking, L bore away in a seamanlike way and passed under W's stern, which she cleared by three feet (1 m) or more. L protested W under rule 20.2(c). The boats were 15 feet (4.5 m) in length and the wind was moderate. The protest committee decided that W failed to give room as required by rule 20.2(c) and disqualified her. W appealed.

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W's appeal is upheld, and she is to be reinstated. L's actions showed that she had room to tack and avoid W. W therefore met her obligation under rule 20.2(c).

USA 1976/189
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