Case 131
Rule 78.2, Compliance with Class Rules; Certificates
Rule A5.1, Scores Determined by the Race Committee
At the end of an event, if a boat has broken rule 78.2 by not producing a required certificate or arranging for its existence to be verified, the race committee is required, without a hearing, to score her ‘DSQ’ for all races of the event.
A rule in the sailing instructions for an event requires that a certificate be produced or its existence verified before a boat races. One boat does not comply with this requirement, but before the first race she provides the race committee with a statement signed by the person in charge that the boat has a valid certificate. At the end of the event, the certificate has neither been produced nor verified.

Rule 78.2 requires that the boat be disqualified from all races of the event. Is the race committee permitted to score the boat "DSQ" for all races without a hearing?

Yes. In fact, it is required to do so (see rules 78.2 and A5.1).

World Sailing 2013, revised 2021
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