Q&A 2020-005
Rule 62.1(b); Redress
Consideration of Redress under 62.1(b) when the specific type of damage is not uncommon in a class and anticipated in the class rules.
In an incident between two 49ers, boat A broke a rule of Part 2 while boat B did not break any rule, including rule 14, as it was not reasonably possible for her to avoid contact. As a result of the incident, one of the tiller extensions of boat B was broken. There was nothing boat B could have done to avoid the damage.Boat B carried a spare tiller extension as required by the class rules and replaced the broken one with the spare as quick as reasonably possible, considering the conditions in the racing area. When boat B resumed racing, her position in that race was significantly worse than before she started to replace the broken tiller extension.


Is boat B entitled to redress?


The 49er class rules require an additional tiller extension to be carried onboard, since breaking it is not uncommon and sailors should be able to replace it while racing. The operation is normally carried out without significantly impacting the boat’s finishing position. However, if it is established that despite the crew replacing the tiller extension as soon as reasonably possible, the boat's score or place in the race or the series has been made significantly worse through no fault of her own, the boat should be entitled to redress.
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