Q&A 2020-002
Rule  89.1; Organizing Authority
19.20(d), (f); ‘Prohibited Event’
Onus to investigate OA compliance with rule 89.1 and ramifications of participating in a "Prohibited Event"
Question 1
How are competitors and officials to know whether an organizing authority for an event complies with rule 89.1, Organizing Authority?

Answer 1
Neither competitors nor race officials are required to investigate whether the organizing authority complies with the requirements of rule 89.1. When in doubt, competitors and officials may verify with the relevant member national authority of World Sailing if the organizing authority is compliant with rule 89.1.

Question 2
What are the implications for an event’s competitors and race officials when the organizing authority of the event does not comply with rule 89.1?

Answer 2
An event that does not conform to the requirements of rule 89.1 and is not otherwise approved by World Sailing, may be a Prohibited Event if it is listed as such on the World Sailing website. See regulations 19.20(d) and 19.20(f).

If competitors participate in an event which they knew or should reasonably have known was a Prohibited Event, they may be subject to disciplinary actions. See regulation 19.19(a)(ii). Respectively, World Sailing race officials participating in an event which they knew or should reasonably have known was a Prohibited Event would be subject to regulations 32 and 35.

If the organizing authority of an event does not comply with rule 89.1 but the event is not a Prohibited Event, there are no implications under the Racing Rules of Sailing for competitors and World Sailing race officials. Other implications are beyond the scope of this Q&A.
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