Q&A 2019-005
Rule 89.1
Authorizing a club to organize an event does not make a class part of the organizing authority.
The phrase ‘Organizing Authority’ appears 41 times in the Racing Rules of Sailing and 45 times in the Regulations.

The Notice of Race of an event states:
The [year] [World Sailing class name] Championship is organized by the [club name] with the endorsement of the [member national authority name] under the authority of the [World Sailing class name].

Question 1
Do the three bodies mentioned under the title ‘Organizing Authority’ on this Notice of Race constitute the ‘Organizing Authority’ for the purposes of the racing rules of sailing?

Answer 1
No. The ‘Organizing Authority’ is the club.
Authorizing the club to organize the event does not make the World Sailing class part of the organizing authority. Equally, endorsing an event under its jurisdiction does not make a member national authority part of the organizing authority.

Question 2
Who may be authorized to act on behalf of and represent the ‘Organizing Authority’ when required?

Answer 2
There is no limit to whom an organizing authority may appoint to act on its behalf. It is common for organizing authorities of major events to appoint representatives in relation to specific needs - for instance law firms, marketing and public relations consultants and other advisers. When the organizing authority consists of more than one body, they shall jointly appoint their representatives.

11 February 2019
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