Formula Windsurfing Foil World Championship

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Hearing Decisions

No. Type Race Initiator Respondent(s) Decision
02. Request for Redress 7, 8 FF - 85 Race Committee
Rules: 32.1, 62.1(a)
No redress given.
01. Request for Redress 4 FF - Men - NED 55 Race Committee
Rules: 62.1(a), 64.3,
Redress is given to NED55 is to be scored in race 4  and 5 points equal to the average, rounded to the nearest tenth of a point (0.05 to be rounded upward), of her points in all races sailed before the last scheduled day of the series, except race 4 and 5. For Race 4 this shall not be worse than 7th, her finishing position  No other board’s score shall change.